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ITOURGH Axim Escapade

iTourGh is back again with another extreme fun, relaxation and educative trip. Yes, this trip is supposed to blow your mind and ease you off tension and stress acquired due work, relationships, school and whatsoever. Join us,as we tour to nzema east, to explore the History studded AXIM. A place …

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Study shows eating Nuts may boost male fertility

Eating nuts “significantly” boosted the number and health of sperm in young men in a scientific trial, researchers said Wednesday. The findings “support a beneficial role for chronic nut consumption in sperm quality,” they said but stressed the study participants were all healthy, apparently fertile men. The potential benefits of …

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10 Things Money Can’t Buy

Money has never made man happy, nor will it; there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.” – Benjamin Franklin When you reach a certain age, you begin to realize the importance of money. While true that “money can’t …

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8 clear signs that he isn’t in love with you

Sometimes the men we love are not the men who love us. Unrequited love can be painful. The good news is that instead of wasting months or years pinning after a man who isn’t in love with you, there are giveaway signs he isn’t into you. Here is a look …

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What your smile says about you

So what does your smile say about you? That you’re happy? Excited? Embarrassed? A scared monkey? There are more than 50 types of smiles, conveying over a dozen emotions, from elation to trepidation. But the good news is that most of them are positive, and have an equally warm and …

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Having S*X In The Bathroom Causes Albinism? Find Out!

Medically, Albinos suffer (Albinism) a condition that affects the pigment (colour) of the skin, hair and eyes. This pigment is called melanin. In albinism, the melanin is either less or absent altogether. This results in light-coloured skin, hair and/or eyes. Most popular cultures across the globe have developed many myths …

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