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SHOCKING: Popular Ghanaian Actor Caught Red Handed In Rape Scandal

‘Agya Koo Is A Rapist, I Caught Him Trying To Rape An Actress In A Hotel – Top Producer From Kumasi

Agya Koo’s reputation is in tatters now, unless of course he responds to this damming allegation against him. The famous comic actor claimed movie makers in Kumasi have sabotaged his career by sidelining him for years, something he attributes for his long absence from the industry.

However, producers in Kumasi have blamed Agya koo’s arrogance and insubordination to his career slump. That’s not all! They also alleged the ace actor is a womanizer and rapist, always using his influence to sleep with people’s wives.

Now that’s a serious allegation, isn’t it? In a back and forth counter accusations on Hitz FM, movie director Frank Fiifi Gharbin said he once caught Agya Koo trying to rape an actress in a hotel during a movie shoot.

Narrating his allegation in a telephone interview on Hitz FM on Thursday (Feb. 8) , the Kumawood director said, he went upon his return from a night out to the hotel where the movie’s crew and cast were lodged, he overheard someone screaming.

He went into the room, which he said was unlocked, to meet Agya Koo and the actress, ‘Madam China’ struggling as he (Agya Koo) was ‘trying to rape the girl’.

He took the girl away from the hotel to another location that night, after separating them, leading Agya Koo to accuse him, at the time, of having an affair with the girl.

Agya Koo, who was in the studio, rubbished Gharbin’s allegations allegations wondering how he could have raped the lady in an unlocked room.

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