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VGMA Voting System: 50x on Vodafone; 10x on other networks. Here Is Why…


Official artwork for 2018 VGMAs

Organizers of the biggest music awards in Ghana, Charter House has modified the voting system for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

The modified system which takes effect this year will limit voters to a maximum of 50 votes on Vodafone and a maximum of 10 votes on other networks per nominee per category.

Until now, voters could vote as many times as they could afford for a favorite in each category, a practice the CEO of Theresa Ayaode says only “concentrated the power in the hands of a few”.

Speaking at the 2018 VGMA Nominee announcement party Saturday March 3 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, the CEO of Charter House said the modifications have become necessary to take away the power from those “few people”.

She explained that the organizers have arrived at the decision to “cap the votes” based on observations made on the voting pattern over the years.

She has however urged nominees to use innovative means to galvanize as many votes from as many people as possible to be able to win the awards.

She expressed the organizers’ readiness to help artistes secure their future by “repackaging the financial rewards” of winners this year. This she says is on the back of recent stories about artistes who have died in a “sorry state”.

She added that Charter House has thus decided to organize a seminar in partnership with financial institutions which will be dedicated to helping artistes securing against their future.

Theresa Ayaode called on artistes to exercise some level of decorum and civility in deliberation about the award as they will not tolerate any “scandalous and libelous commentary”.

Charter House Saturday March 3 unveiled the 2018 nominees hourly only on Media General platforms starting from 11 am.

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