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Woman Arrested For Recording Shatta Wale’s Brouhaha With Ghana Police

A viral video of Shatta Wale embroiled in a heated a confrontation with a cop surfaced on the internet yesterday which generated lot of excitement.

Initially we weren’t privy to the entire story but what we have now gathered indicate that one of Shatta Wale’s ‘boys’ was stopped by the police for using a car with a DV plate.

And in an attempt by Shatta Wale to calm the situation and try to resolve the matter amicably with the police, it didn’t go well and Shatta Wale got pissed off and drove the car away.

All this while an unidentified woman who was close to the scene was videoing it. Consequently she has reportedly be arrested and later granted bail but she has vehemently denied being the one who shot the trending video.

In giving his account of what actually transpired that day, Shatta Wale told Kwesi Aboagye on Entertainment Review bloggers have blown the story out of proportion and that’s it is ‘nothing’

He said:

My guy told the police he does not own the car so he will call me, the owner… My boy called, I went there and realized I knew the policeman.  


He is my uncle; I was just trying to get him into the car because I realized people were taking shots. I know the media. Whoever took the video didn’t try. He is my uncle, I love him so much.

As to why he engaged in that verbal altercation with the policeman, whom he says is his uncle, he said that the policeman referred to him as a rascal.

He actually used the word ‘rascal’ on me and that was when I got pissed.


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