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You Won’t Believe Which Ghanaian Artist Went N#de in Their Newest Music Video

Takoradi’s sensational singers who have wowed their fans with some nice musics which includes their all time hit song, ‘Continental’ seems to be going mad or maybe i should say they are mad. The duo made up of Bismark Amoako and Andrew Sam Mensah also known in showbiz at Aya just might be going mad as they appear n*aked in a new music video. Their ‘continental’ song received massive airplay nation and especially in Takoradi which made them win best Group at the 2017 Western Music Awards.

The Kopris Records Ent. signed musicians released TeleWele November last year, which to them will have a better video that Continental only for me to chance on a snippet of the video of which they appeared fully naked! They seems not to be able to live up to the hype and attention continental brought them and will do everything in the means possible to grab attention. To me this is total mad crave for attention and shouldn’t be applauded! S*x sells doesn’t mean young men with great potentials to be the next big group to one day represent the region in Ghana Music Awards after Keche must go naked to seek media attention.


Looks like Kopris Records Ent doesn’t care about the welfare of these two young arts they have signed for 5 years or they didn’t review the script the video director presented or maybe they haven’t watched the snippet. Aya won the best group at the 2017 Western Music Awards and they have been tipped to win again this year as they look like the only ‘serious’ group in the region.

I am very sure these boys didn’t think about the implications such stuff will have on their career especially in the long term. I am even yet to talk about how badly they dress and represent themselves at events and public gathering. I think they should seek the advises of people whose career has been ruined or has lost better deals because they appeared naked. They also didn’t take into consideration the number of fans that they are going to loose. This is stupidity and i wish the biggest awards in the region Western Music Awards banned their video for submission next year and no TV station shouldn’t play it.

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